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Song of the Wolf

--A song strikes the cold October air. Your ears twitch slightly as your head rises and looks toward the direction of the sound. A thought lingers through you, 'Was that the Alpha's call to summon the pack together or has an emergency landed upon our lands?' With a tilt of your head you step forward, a sudden thread of curiosity making its way through you as you fall rather briskly into a trot.--

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If you wish to affiliate, send us a request (the "Affiliate" button).
First off, a huge thank you to all of our admins working hard on the huge amount of submissions we get every day! You guys deserve a huge round of applause!!:clap: I know it can be overwhelming at times, but you have helped our group to where it has come today. <333

And thank you to all of our lovely members who create art and post it here. We are honored to have your piece added to our outstanding gallery.
On that topic, due to so many submissions coming in a day, we ask that you do try to choose the correct folder when submitting. Thanks to those that do! We know that there are many folders, and some art can fall into multiple folders, so if you are unsure, feel free to ask. We are all friendly here and are more than happy to help you~ :)

I will be going through each folder in the next few weeks to move things around to where they belong. Also, any deviations in storage will be removed from the group to clean up folders and make them pretty.

Here is a summary of the categories to hopefully help when submitting!

Normal Wolves
As the Folder is titled, natural wolves with natural color schemes here! No Anthros, Winged wolves, Hybrids, werewolves, or otherwise.

Art Based of WFP Mascot Website
Art that is based off the Group. Such as- our mascot(s), a wolf related roleplaying character that you use in WFP's main RP on WFP's official website, and... simply, just art that is based on the group itself (giftart/fanart). It is not art that is based off other groups, games, OCs that are not of WFP, etc.

This Folder is solely for wolf subjects that portray a magical quality (i.e. earth bending) somehow in the deviation. They may be a spirit, mythological creature (such as Anubis), but they may NOT be a fanart character (i.e. Okami's Amaterasu, Legend of Zelda's Wolf Link, Wolf's Rain's Kiba and Co., etc.).

Wolves with any type of wing(s). Just because they have wings, doesn't mean they have to fly. The wolves themselves must have the wings, not another creature (ie, a bird)

Anthros are wolves that hold humanoid features (i.e. hands) (as well as vice versa: humans holding wolf-like features such as a ears, tail, etc.).

Basically, wolves crossed with another animal. Like a dragon-wolf. But don't confuse a wolf with wings to be a hybrid. It must have more than just dragon wings to be a hybrid. Give it some scales!

Wolf Photography
Photography of wolves (in any shape or form but they must be of real time, not something digitally created which means no Photo-manipulation).

Other Types of Wolves
Wolf line art, scene wolves (any wolf holding an unnatural fur/color scheme), and wolf-dogs.

Holiday Wolves
Christmas, Birthday, Father's/Mother's Day, Halloween, Easter (etc.) themed wolves.

Your Wolf Characters
Ref sheets of your wolves. Repeat REFERENCE SHEETS.

Wolf adoptables, wolf eggs, character auctions.

Wolf FanArt
Art based off a character in a game, TV show, movie, etc. that is not of your own creation (i.e. Okami's Amaterasu, Legend of Zelda's Wolf Link, Off-White Comic's Hati and Iki, and etc.).

Wolf Literature
Novel chapters, poetry, comics/manga, fanfiction, and short stories frolic about in this Folder.

Canine Art
Art for regular dogs, foxes, etc. Basically no wolves allowed in this folder.

Wolf-Canine Arts N Crafts
Just as the title of the folder says, whether it be a fox or wolf out of wood, paper, card-stock, string, or something related of the sorts it goes here. Please ask us questions if you are not particularly sure if your piece would be "classified" as to belong to this Folder.
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Your Contests
Your Wolf Characters
Summer Contest
Contest- L vs. D


-- You trot silently, not wanting to draw any attention. Your pointed ears twitch from side to side and suddenly you stop in mid-trot. As you turn around, you meet a small group of wolves, and by their smell you know there are more of them around. The one standing taller than the others meets your gaze. You are a wolf without a pack and you are starving and weak. Do you ask the Alpha to join the pack, or do you leave in hopes of finding some place else? Although, if you choose to leave you may not live another night...--

Welcome! This is a group dedicated to wolves (any type of wolf)! And yes SOME canine art is accepted.

If you have an issue surrounding/concerning the Group then please Note us.

To join please click the "Join Our Group" on the large blue taskbar above this! Before you do though we would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to look at the Group Rules and before you contribute art- look at the information of our Gallery Folders (all of the information on Folders, Rules, etc. is located on the "Song of the Wolf" box). Thank you!






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Check out the art that us wolves howl for! If you wish to "suggest a fave" to us, we will accept as long as it is wolf related (canine art varies, read rules first) and you are limited 5 a day!


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DemonWolfAtreiyu Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Would my hybrid character go in the 'Hybrid' folder or 'Your Wolf Characters' folder? :)
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BenDaImmortal Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
Thank you for the affiliation! :dance:
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Can I set werewolves in fantasy?? or? pleas reply anyone :la:
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hi I was wondering which category this would fit in ^^' [link] both of them look kinda normal :) but both of them do have powers so yeah just asking :)
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McLaren-Spyder Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm probably going to need to drop down from a co-founder spot because I have a ton of groups that already flood my inbox and I just don't check my messages enough to be of much assistance :[ <3
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ScullReaper Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Would you maybe please show this to people if they are interested? :)
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Thank you so much for requesting my work! :D

This club is gorgeous! *sends join request* :)
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